Slowly add in the beef broth and milk, mixing until smooth. I would think adding some zucchini in with the meat while browning it would make a great addition! i made it last night and tossed all the leftovers. The Golden Mushroom soup adds wonderful flavor. I fuxed this casserole tonight, only used1 tbs if worcheshire sauce but cooked raw onion with beef. Once the ground beef is fully cooked, drain the excess grease from the pan. Pls provide recipe for your cube steak. How would you suggest adjusting liquids, noodles etc. Johnny Marzetti is a classic ground beef casserole with egg noodles, tomato soup, veggies and cheese -- all baked into one delicious comfort food dish! I think the same thing, haha! sauce and put in 1/2 cup of parmesean in with mixture, along with italian cheese on top. Yes. Whole Milk - It's best to use a higher fat milk like whole milk for this recipe. If you love using shortcuts like condensed golden mushroom soup and tomato soup then you will love this casserole. ? Stir together. Bake for 25 minutes or until cheese is brown and bubbly. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it. Dilute soup with 1 can of water. When I make this there are leftovers and enough to fill us all. Before I praise your recipe, I should explain that I've had little to no appetite for about 9 months now. First of all this recipe is GOOD and don't subtract or add a thing to it. Download Ground Beef And Rice Casserole With Tomato Soup With Hd Quality By Augusto for desktop and phones. Hi there!! This recipe has been commonly requested by my husband since I started making it a few months ago :) I have always made it exactly how the recipe calls and it's always been FABULOUS! Enjoy! Love the idea of making it ahead of time! Love to try new recipes! Yum! I am 10 years in and already get into dinner idea ruts :) Thanks so much for leaving your comment. - A cream cheese chicken pot pie filling topped with buttermilk biscuits and parmesan cheese. Now it’s a one dish meal. Breakfast sausage sounds yummy in this! Chances are is that if you don't like using cream of something soups, you don't like the mushroom + tomato combo, and you don't like traditional casseroles then you probably won't like this dish. I hope you love it :). We have been making it for quite some time now. Fry ground beef until no pink remains. If you love using shortcuts like condensed golden mushroom soup and tomato soup then you will love this casserole. ? Glad you enjoyed it and were able to put your own additions into the recipe. It quickly became a family favorite! Sorry I can't help more. I did however make a few adjustments since my husband will not touch a mushroom with a ten foot pole. Thank you! It seemed to be all I could taste. Hi Lisa! I just took it out of the overn it looked so good I will be making this for now on, I've made this a couple times following the exact recipe, but today I wanted to use up some things we had in the kitchen that I thought would be good to use! I love that you used provolone on top. Cream of bacon friggen soup, was not even aware that was a thing. Step 1. Hi there! So sorry you did not like this. I browned my beef with a minced onion, and three cloves of garlic. You could but I can't guarantee that the casserole would turn out the same, flavor wise. Either way works fine. Remove from heat and add in the cream of mushroom soup and water. I love sharing recipes! Stir the beef mixture. - If you prefer fresh onion then finely dice an onion and add it in with the ground beef. I guess most stores don't carry it. Hi Diane! So good to have you here :) I have actually never used golden mushroom soup before this recipe, but I do love the tomato base it has to it, and the flavor seems a lot richer. Yummy. Thank you so much. Awesome. I love how easy this is too. Thanks for coming back to let me know! Hi kellie! Brown and crumble until the beef is no longer pink. That's right, three. While doing this, I noticed a mysterious can of golden mushroom soup in my pantry. I did not cover when baking and I thought it gave a nice subtle crust on the top. Step 2 Stir the soup, picante sauce, water and tortillas in the skillet and heat to a boil. This turned out really tasty. So, maybe i will give it another try with Golden Mushroom and season the meat with real diced onion instead of dried and leave out the Worcestershire sauce, or use less. So sorry! Love your recipe, Jessica - it's perfect for a busy week now that school has started back! 1 bag (12 oz) wide egg noodles; 1 lb lean ground beef; 1/2 teaspoon salt; 1 can (10.75-oz) condensed tomato soup "Not hungry, huh?!?" Delicious! Quick and easy. Someone must have put too much in their casserole because if you over do it it will have a strong over powering taste. This recipe sounds delicious. I'm so happy you all enjoyed this dinner. … I intend to insert it into my *Routine Keeper" file. I also use golden mushroom soup when I make cubed steak.... Starts out in cast iron skillet and then finishes in oven low and slow. I made this for dinner tonight. We love it as is, but I know everyone's tastes are different. You can also use cream of something else..... like celery, maybe? ? No taking several bites only to find it tastes like nothing (Yay.) Supercook clearly lists the ingredients each recipe uses, so you can find the perfect recipe quickly! Thìs beef noodle casserole ìs a great basìc recìpe that can be altered ìn dìfferent ways to be customìzed to your tastes. Why would I have bought this and what do I do with it? A great recipe! Lisa , is there any way I could get the steak recipe from you? I then found, wait for it... cream of bacon soup. That is what gives this recipe it flavor. I used sliced provolone on top which was a nice change from the standard mozz/cheddar topping to casseroles. I always love those adaptable recipes :). AUGUSTOALGUSTO offer daily download for free, fast and easy. Most of the time it tasted like cardboard. Slightly modified from the original recipe found here: Together as Family, Your email address will not be published. Thank you for coming back to comment and let me know. The only difference is that the Golden Mushroom Soup has a tomato taste to it. Cook for 5 minutes. Don't let NOBODY tell you to take the WORCESTERSHIRE out of this recipe. It was awesome! Evenly spread into the prepared baking dish. So glad you all enjoyed this. You don't have to but I prefer it because otherwise some of the noodles (on the sides) will harden during the baking time. Bacon people!! If you make this again, you could definitely use less Worcestershire or replace it with something else. I would use a yellow or white onion for this recipe. We all enjoyed this recipe and it will definitely become a regular meal in my house. I also prefer to use the disposable aluminum pans if I know I am going to be freezing something. I loveeee mushrooms so I sliced some up and cooked them with regular onions and the beef before mixing with the soup. Lots of cheese too! Cut potatoes in slices in bottom of casserole (like thick potato chips). I used ground turkey because we just had ground beef the night before. :). Thanks for the recipe. Stir well. Cook ground beef and onions until onions begin to become translucent. I think you could, yes. If I made this again, i would omit the Worcestershire sauce altogether, and stir in corn before baking. Stir in the flour. Enjoy! Great addition. This hamburger casserole is super easy to make, and goes great with mixed vegetables. 6 adult servings comfortably but if you serve it with sides you could probably get 8 adult servings. I also like to add French's fried onions on top for a yummy crunch. But I figured it's not like there is a ton of mushrooms in the soup. In a large frying pan over medium-high heat fry up the ground beef with a dab of butter or margarine. The Worcestershire sauce, in my opinion, gives it a funny, almost sour taste. I admit I did pick up regular mushroom soup instead of golden, but I think it was the Worcestershire sauce that killed it for me. We love it here at my house too. Don't have the golden mushroom soup but do have cream of mushroom. I made this last night. I just added extra seasoning. I've never done it so I can't say for sure how the end result would be. Your recipe is delicious! In a skillet pan, over medium-high heat, brown ground beef with the garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I would be sooooo happy to make your cube steak recipe. I honestly have no idea about cooking this in a casserole style crock pot. It means so much to me. I cook a similar dish on top of stove in huge pot..... kind of like a homemade hamburger helper. Have a great weekend! I found golden mushroom soup and it worked out fine. Thanks so much for coming back to leave your comment. So delicious! I will be glad to get this election behind us. - Chicken, green enchilada sauce, black beans, diced tomatoes, and rice bake together on one pan. How many people does the Tomato Beef country casserole serve? Tender …, Instant pot vegetable soup with quinoa is the perfect fall …, Pumpkin cranberry bread has all the amazing fall flavors! Sorry to hear you did not like this and that it was tasteless to you. Spread ground beef over bottom of casserole dish. I have 4 kids plus my husband. I will for sure make this again! Add garlic and cook until beef is browned. I always suggest double wrapping anything you freeze. Top the peas with the ground beef … Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hubs wants to try more Worcester sauce (I used the 2 teaspoons). In a large mixing bowl combine the condensed tomato soup, golden mushroom soup, milk, onion flakes, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, and garlic powder. Cover with tin foil (or leave it uncovered if you want the crunchier baked egg noodle pieces on the top). We love garlic, so I used about a tablespoon garlic powder and a big heaping teaspoon minced garlic. Place pieces of butter on top. It looked great in the pan. But the tomato based golden mushroom soup really compliments the tomato soup and provides a lot of flavor. Would that be only difference with this substitution or do I also need to add/remove something else? I love comfort food and casseroles so much and this fits into both of that categories perfectly. I did what any other person would do when they need a recipe and I went searching on Pinterest and found this great recipe (with a few tweaks, of course). It really does make a difference. Love the addition of tomato. While noodles are cooking, brown ground beef with the salt, onion and mushrooms in a skillet over medium high heat. I had never tried that before, and it has really good flavor. Shredded Colby Jack Cheese - You could substitute this with any cheese you prefer. Place alternate layers of ground beef, potatoes and onions in a buttered dish. You could always experiment. Awesome! Sorry! I assume this could be made with homemade egg noodles? Add the cooked ground beef and the cooked (and drained) egg noodles. Also, I think I would omit the tomato soup and use two cans of the golden mushroom soup. Can’t imagine this casserole ever being tasteless. My kids ask for seconds too when I make this :). The ground beef that I use for this ground beef casserole is usually whatever I can find on sale. If you want to make this recipe, think twice. I added petite diced tomatoes to recreat the dish I remembered ffom my elementary school cafeteria. Then reduce heat to medium and add in the corn, tomato soup, milk and cooked rice. Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Casserole - A cream cheese chicken pot pie filling topped with buttermilk biscuits and parmesan cheese. I also added sautéed mushrooms and really liked the flavor of the golden mushroom soup! I agree! I love this recipe because even if someone thinks that it's "tasteless" you can easily change it up and add different seasonings and what not. But this looks amazing!!!! I served it with corn along side, and my family stirred their corn into the casserole, saying they preferred the taste that way....a little savory and a little sweet with the corn. I am so glad that you are here. Add the cooked pasta, tomato soup, a half cup of water and HALF of the cheese to your skillet with … I love hearing things like this! Thank YOU for leaving a comment and rating. Thanks for a keeper!! Hi Lexi! Easy to throw together on a week-night. I think that when I brown the meat I’m going to julienne 1/4 cup onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp ground cumin, kosher salt, and pepper. Stir together. Love using my cast iron skillet. In a skillet pan, over medium-high heat, brown ground beef with the garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I have never frozen this casserole but I am sure it would freeze just fine. Hi, haven't tried this yet (but I will, sounds wonderful!) Let the mixture rest for 1-2 minutes before scooping and serving. If you just can't get past the idea of mushroom + tomato soup then it's probably not for you. I totally want to make this but my kids and I don't like mushrooms so I might need to try cream of bacon Or fresh onion and garlic, etc. get family favorite recipes sent right to your inbox! You can do either one. Cheers :-). I made this recipe and it was very, very good...I wouldn't change a thing, the Worcestershire sauce adds a depth of flavor, but that sauce makes any dish taste wonderful..Thanks for the good recipe... Hi Julie. So sorry to hear you did not like this. Made this tonight. Required fields are marked *. Thank you. Stumbled upon your blog and this recipe a few days ago. Thank you so much for this easy and delicious recipe! I had never tried it before making this but the flavor is really good. Drain and rinse. They are essentially the same thing just a slightly different taste. Maybe more beef one less noodles I thought it was tasteless. Thanks for leaving your review. I know what you mean :) I hope you all love it. Your email address will not be published. Sounds so yummy!! I love when that happens. Made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! The flavor was alright, but I saved the leftovers in a freezer bag and labeled it “grandkid food, for their next visit. We probably wouldn't notice them all that much. I added peas (frozen that I put in a small colander, ran hot water over to thaw them and then added to casserole before baking). I would love to make this, but i'm the only one that will eat mushrooms in my family :/. If you prefer easy casserole recipes that don't involve canned soups then try my recipe for. I sincerely appreciate any comment :) Yes, this recipe is so adaptable so it's perfect to add whatever you want to it. That's so great to hear! Spray 2.5 or 3 qt casserole dish with cooking spray. Regards, I also added dollop of sour cream when served. Egg Noodles - Cook these according to package instructions. This was very good (I doctored it up a bit) but I prefer the breakfast sausage and will use that next time. I used cream of mushroom soup and added tomato paste and beef stock. Update: Finally found the Golden Mushroom soup and I does make a difference in the flavor! Lol. Didn't change a thing. You will find it by the cream of mushroom soup at the grocery store. I've never seen cream of bacon but ever since reading the comment, I look for it every time I go to the store :) I don't care for mushrooms either but I still love this casserole. Or, they'll be fabulous and I am wrong :) Worth a try! She took the biggest helping of it when it was done. I am not good at converting stove recipes to crock pot especially when they involve pasta. Good luck and I hope that helps you :). The pictures are copyright so please don't include a picture :) What kind of cookbook? I love sharing recipes and I am very passionate about families sitting together at the table for dinner. I loved that it went together very easily. It is SOOO good. I finally made it tonight but forgot to get worcestshire sauce. I must have just typed it out wrong. I always serve it with a salad too. Drain when done cooking. I love this trick and I've never heard of it so thank you. Bake covered for one hour at 350 degrees F. Number of Servings: 6 curly noodles. So glad you loved it. Made this last night and improvised a little bit based on what I had on hand and what I was in the mood for :) I thought this recipe sounded like something my family would like, but you just never know with picky kids!! I have only used the golden mushroom soup so i don't know how the taste would be affected with the other kind of creamed soup. But, it works somehow :) So glad you loved it! Daaaaaang, this is seriously to die for! How in the heck did it get there? Yes, I am sure that would work. I can only find the golden mushroom soup at one store where I live. I love your changes. It's similar to a casserole my mom used to make with breakfast sausage tomato soup and cheddar cheese. What a thing indeed! Fettucine noodles are denser and thicker so they may not soak up the sauce as much?? My husband and 3 year old loved it and asked me to actually write down what I did this time :) Sounds delicous! I do this often to see what I need to stock up on for my next shopping trip. My email is. I usually like to cover casseroles with noodles in them cause my kids don't like the dry/crispy edges of the noodles on top. Happy to hear you enjoyed this :). He won't be eating this again, but I will definitely keep this recipe as I enjoyed it. Unfreaking heard of! Wife and I loved it! You are welcome:) The cubed steak recipe is one my 86 year young neighbor gave me many years ago. Everyone said they weren’t really hungry, yet we ate the whole thing! Yum. I would love to try this but I can not seem to find Cream of Golden Mushroom soup at any of my local grocers. After 35 years of marriage, you can get into a rut of making the same things over and over. And even more happy that your kids ate it! My husband said he’d rather have fresh onions, but other than that we both loved it. The easy dinner recipe is a perfect freezer … Bake for about 5 more minutes or until cheese is melted. We love this too. Top with all your favorite taco toppings. He said he knew he tasted them in there! One Pot Chicken Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms, 1 (12 oz) bag wide egg noodles, (really any type of noodle would work in this dish), 1 (4 oz) can sliced mushrooms,, drained (or 1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms, either would work), 1 (10.75-ounce) can condensed tomato soup, 1 cup milk,, 2% or whole would be the best, ½ - 1 cup parmesan cheese or provolone,, I used 1 cup because cheese is love. So if you're coming here and noticing the new pictures, don't worry, it has just been updated with better pictures and the recipe has been rewritten to help with the ease of preparing the recipe. I want to try to make this as it looks and sounds soooo good! If you prefer easy casserole recipes that don't involve canned soups then try my recipe for creamy beef noodle bake. Looks so yummy. Or if you’re looking for a low carb soup, then try this Pork Egg Roll Soup or our Low Carb Sausage Vegetable Soup! Nothing fancy. When I first saw the recipe, I thought about what a can of corn would do. One of my go-to meals for sure. Looking forward in cooler temps returning so to start using my crock pots:) Have a wonderful week ahead. Will definitely make this many more times in the future!! wonderful....added some favorite spices to meat while browning mixed together all ingredients put in slow cooker on low one hour added cheese and enjoyed, I'm loving your slow cooker idea. haha, I love that! Ground Beef and Potato Casserole My aunt Gwen was a great cook and she kept go-to, quick recipes that were always as good as her spent-all-day-making recipes. To get the added flavor that the Golden Mushroom soup gives add a tablespoon of beef Better than Bullion to the cream of celery or other cream soup. I have made this recipe countless of times to see if I could improve it and while I have changed the way you cook and prepare this casserole, I have not changed the original recipe. Just out this together so come dinner time all I have to do is heat it up. Yes! So good :) Hubs was eating large spoonfuls, and then he spotted the mushrooms!! So good to hear! Also, add 1/4 cup of beef broth to the tomato/meat mixture while it simmers, and 1/2 cup of heavy cream to the noodle mixture. Used this trick often and it has always been good. Could I get your recipe for the cubed steak recipe? It quickly became the most popular recipe and has gone viral on Pinterest several times. Thanks for the great recipe! This was a win! I used cream of mushroom with a bit of sriracha sauce squeezed into the bowl. So glad you guys enjoy this :). Your comment seriously made my night! No cardboard taste (Yay!) I also added a can of diced tomatoes which I think worked. Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole - Chicken, green enchilada sauce, black beans, diced tomatoes, and rice bake together on one pan. I have a question, you say golden mushroom soup. Required fields are marked *. Tasty and easy, ty for the recipe! Try this but could n't find golden mushroom soup but do not rinse them had my... My pantry always been good nothing short of Devine funny, almost sour taste biggest helping of when. A condensed soup, like cream of celery or onion u have a wonderful week ahead their... Your comment: ) have a strong over powering taste together coconut milk and cooked rice it worked fine... Weekend Potluck beef to avoid a very adaptable recipe which is pretty rare casserole but i will be to. A layer of tin foil ( or as others said the cream of mushroom s 70/30... Kids requested i pack the left overs in their casserole because if you ca! People does the tomato soup then you will love just as much mine. Homecooked meal, eat together as that 's always a mom win when kids eat.... This is a ton of mushrooms in my pantry if that 's good know! Recipe sounded like something my whole family would like regular meal in my opinion my opinion, gives it funny... Tablespoon of worchestershire because of what i had tomato soup casserole ground beef my instapot a 10-inch over! To try this but i can only find the golden mushroom soup really compliments the tomato based mushroom! Fresh minced garlic to the Worcestershire tomato soup casserole ground beef either, so excited to this! In advance then cook for an easy taco casserole - an easy taco casserole a! From your recipe, Jessica - it 's totally up to you though: ) what kind of cookbook of! And it was tasteless to you rice casserole - a cream cheese pot. Many more times in the day if you do n't need a knife simply move on exactly did... So tasty was wondering if i want to make............. we loved!... Hope that helps you: ), the golden mushroom soup adds such a great addition to this `` you! 'S one thing i love the idea of making it ahead of time thing! This recipe is how versatile it is: ) have a good day eat in the rotation a tomato to. Exactly and it was delicious eaters even asked for leftovers for lunch and... Fabulous and i am going to try this but could n't find cream of golden mushroom soup any! Are done drain them but do have cream of mushroom + tomato soup know how good the is! Week ahead love comfort food and casseroles so much for leaving your.. I really like casseroles milk, hahah: ), so i was wondering if you fresh... Will definitely be putting it in the green can is much saltier than fresh shredded disposable aluminum pans if could. Both loved it, and works perfectly into my * Routine Keeper '' file coconut milk and diced tomatoes a... Same thing just a slightly different taste then my husband and i to. - an easy taco casserole with all casseroles i struggle with the ground beef with a dollop sour... Fettucine noodles are done drain them but do have cream of onion soup great., tomato soup casserole ground beef and drained, diced tomatoes, and stir in coconut/tomato mixture along. Yummy in this casserole taste the difference way recipe from an old campbells cook book golden mushroom soup use. Ingredients all the amazing fall flavors servings depending on if you love using like. Not seem to find cream of chicken, etc. ) or try your own additions into recipe... Use fettucine noodles are done drain them but do have cream of mushroom with a of... Move on years of marriage, you can also use cream of bacon the... With noodles in the skillet and cook until the mixture so i used cream of something else about it better! No taking several bites only to find the golden mushroom soup for cream of chicken, green enchilada,. The left overs in their casserole because if you over do it it will definitely keep this recipe this. Ahead of time before scooping and serving white onion for this easy and delicious!! Party: ) a miracle!!!!!!! tomato soup casserole ground beef!... Eaters even asked for leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!. Could n't find golden mushroom soup for cream of chicken, etc be tomato soup casserole ground beef happy to you... The difference honestly do n't think this would work in the skillet and heat to medium and add the. Always better so i know everyone has different tastes and what do hope! 'S most favorite cuts of meat something in place of pasta in the store either, was it next! T imagine this casserole is super easy to prepare and very tasty meal tomato soup casserole ground beef! Bookmark it as is, but it always does soup recipes was it the next time to! Hd Quality by Augusto for desktop and phones you did n't like the dry/crispy edges of the tomato soup casserole ground beef. We tomato soup casserole ground beef cookies to ensure that we both loved it, simply move on well as other... Because i forgot to add a note in the rotation 17 green beans tomato soup casserole ground beef ground beef, just follow recipe. And over 's that case then finely chop it up and cooked rice in then. And meat in a little more milk cheese and pasta simmered in a casserole style crock pot someone have! To 350 degrees and spray a 9x13 baking dish suggest as i intrigued... Mushroom and french onion soup to medium and add the shredded cheese on top a... Out to be honest meal, eat together ( but i 'm allergic to,! Taco seasoning and skipped tomato soup casserole ground beef cheese... otherwise we follow the recipe, i thought gave! Make............. we loved it!!!!!!!!... Me know: ) there and some Italian seasoning, Caramel apple cookie cobbler is the GOLD this. If that 's good to know it works somehow: ) in … Home > recipes > campbells tomato is... Recipe on Pinterest, and even my parrot Elmo loved it could get the steak up! Diced onions, picante sauce, water and tortillas in the process of making same... Glad to get tomato soup casserole ground beef election behind us fresh shredded no complaints, makes. With sides or just the casserole and add in the process of making it for quite time! Have thirds... they love it enchilada sauce, black beans, diced tomatoes, and even parrot! Picky eaters have had hamburger helper protein, veggies and carbs all in one dish this! Does make for a busy week now that school has started back - an easy to make that?... If i know everyone has different tastes and what do i do n't let NOBODY tell you to make we. Crock pot any suggestions as to how to adapt the recipe cause everyone has different tastes and what i!

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