Dewa offers a wide range of Eastern and Western spa treatments featuring the Tibetan KuNye massage, herbal baths, Shirodhara, vibrational sound therapy, customized facials, as well as saunas and steam rooms to stimulate and detoxify your system. Book this session if you have a specific problem or goal. Leaving you feeling reconnected and harmonious, this therapy is especially recommended for migraines, chronic fatigue, stress, and joint pain. Non-member $65 member $55 (add on extended massage..see massages) Membership Program. Choose your meal plan. Training for injury rehabilitation also available. Please book at least 72 hours in advance. If you’re local and would like to benefit fro... “By far the most medicinal and wonderful Tibetan Massage I have ever experienced. Boost circulation and move toxins out of your body with a one-hour Arnica Deep Tissue Massage. Bookings & Enquiries Spa Packages Treatments Men's Retreat Specialist Treatments Time To Retreat FAQs Roslin Retreat Spa RFP Treatment The Roslin Retreat welcomes you into an environment of relaxation and rejuvenation that combines all the benefits of health, wellbeing and beauty with the care of the face and body. Whether you prefer gentle or firm pressure, this customized treatment is for you. Choose to be blissful & divine. As she looks at it, she will receive and share important information. Based on your individual condition, extended KuNye therapies may include any of four traditional modalities: HorMe, YukChö, DoNye, and MeBum. Your practitioner is a channel between your Highest Self, your Guides, the Angels and the Spirit Realm. Choose one of our popular spa packages or design your very own Retreat Signature Package. Spa Packages Private Mineral Retreat. Tuesday-Friday: 10am – 7pm. Using traditional hand positions and modern affirmations, the students are invited to focus the meditation towards life goals of healing, abundance and contemplation of past and future lives. Retreat Spa. Use of Lounge Area and outside Pool Area When you book an Extended KuNye Massage, your therapist will recommend which of these treatments to include in your session, making it a full two hour nurturing experience. She addresses your whole self: including past, present, and future possibilities. Each of our services provides a nurturing, tranquil experience utilizing the most luxurious, natural products available. The tools that she brings to the work come from many different traditions. Please note, this currently is a remote offering done via Skype. Chi Kung is an exercise form which energizes the body and awakens the senses. You can experience this ritual either with the basic 90 minute KuNye or the extended two-hour KuNye which incorporates other Tibetan external therapies. When we listen to these stories with presence, with the wide open lens of awareness and the generosity of awareness there begins to be a shift in how we perceive our narratives. 1 session $20, UV Free Spray Tan Using high quality Tibetan Tones sound bowls, your practitioner will place the healing bowls directly on your energy centers for balance, restoration, and release of mental stress and stuck emotion. Using a dry brush technique to assist your natural lymphatic drainage, stimulating your body’s natural detoxification process while you go through a relaxing, cleansing process. Projects. This is followed by an herbal Swedana steam box session that is infused with detoxifying herbs to help leave you feeling replenished and renewed. Use of this area on a weekend is subject to availability. A gentle voice warm up and short meditations is included in this 1 hour service. Depending on your skin’s needs, extractions and or massage of the décolleté, neck and face may be included. Drinks Menu Our Head Chef Surendra Sooriyarathna originally from Sri Lanka, has an extensive cooking career that spans across the globe. Member $30. The vibrations of the bowls not only tune and clear at a cellular level, but also energetically. This massage is recommended for chronic stress, tension, and fatigue. This class is ideal for yoga students looking to take their practice to the next level. Welcome to a sanctuary amid the splendor of the Colorado Rockies. This extended 90 minute treatment is made for those needing a little extra TLC. Our Spa menu incorporates traditional spa therapies along with specialised EMPIRE Rituals designed to appeal those wanting something out of the ordinary. In a typical intuitive reading session one can expect to be in silence for a few minutes after discussing any issues that are of concern. A No Show will result in being charged the full price of all appointments missed. Steam rooms are more hydrating to your skin than saunas, making them good for those with dry skin. 5* Leading Hotel & Spa Resort Konzerte Adult Spa Family Spa Nature Spa 6 Pools & Onsen Pool Oriental Hamam Yoga Retreat 2* Michelin bei Garmisch. Spa may be booked for private groups (friends, hens, Christmas gatherings, meetings and so on) or day or weekend retreat participants may book treatments during their stay. Need more focus on your lower back and neck area? We offer a special selection of treatments and spa lounge day retreats that take you on a journey of relaxation and true connection to nature and self. Spa Wellness has managed and consulted to some of Australasia's most prominent Day Spas. Whether you are looking to improve your diet, change your lifestyle, or transform stress and anxiety into inner serenity and improved sleep, our coaches will set you on your way to a healthier, happier you. To see the patterns that no longer serve you so that you can open to a new dialogue with the world and its responsibilities as well as the intimacy and purpose that you so desire to connect with. Welcome to indulgence - welcome to the Retreat. Samadhi Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant, Berlin: 406 Bewertungen - bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 401 von 7.546 von 7.546 Berlin Restaurants; mit 4/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Access to the Spa Restaurant. Vishesh can help dramatically improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, enhance your energy level, and detoxify your system. Her sessions are extremely effective for stress reduction, pain reduction and post-surgical healing, and to alleviate anxiety and depression. Spa Retreats Deep Tissue Massage. Throughout, a liberating sense of space and privacy. Available with your Extended KuNye TherapySeparate 60 minute session for $150 (individual). 60 minutes $100 (individual only)90 minutes $150 (individual only)120 minutes $180 (individual only). Each *independent therapist and practitioner is listed with a link to their pricing and contact information.Whether you are looking for a therapeutic or relaxation massage, organic facial, reiki, energy… 60 minutes $200 (individual only)75 minute $250 (individual only), Intuitive Soul Guidance & Energy Reading with Dannah Chaifetz. Guided by, Ernest Heldreth, an experienced massage therapist. Set in beautiful Sussex countryside, the Spa is the perfect oasis from the outside world. Full spa menu available on the Bodhi J website. Skin Care Amenities. Whether you are looking to improve self-confidence, change careers, improve and deepen your relationships, or enhance your lifestyle or overall wellness, you’ll leave with a clear mind, an open heart, a fresh perspective on your unique and individual strengths, and tools to help you move forward and thrive. The human voice is a powerful healing tool. Spa Menu Day Spa GAIA RETREAT & SPA. This is definitely a must try!! During your session, she will focus on providing proactive guidance and practical actions that will create meaningful changes in your life and relationships. Emotional Blockages Release™ is a heart-based, intuitively guided, hands-off, remote distance releasing and healing modality. Our products and treatments are inspired by the healing traditions from around the world and are largely organic. $10 non-member $5 member. Transport yourself to Mother India with this Ayurvedic healing ritual. We have all carried suffering in our hearts. This service provides guidance, instruction and supervision for basic meditation. Non-member $65 member $55 Unlike regular saunas, far infrared saunas maintain a comfortable air temperature using radiant heat, like the sun, but without any harmful ultraviolet rays. Spa Menu. This is excellent for a first timer or experienced meditators. The expertise of our carefully selected therapists is unmatched. (for quicker page navigation hover over the ‘spa’ item in the main menu and click the section links that appear) 60 minutes $150 (individual only)90 minutes $215 (individual only). A session with Dannah can assist you in finding a path to your own physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Because Dannah is able to use photographs to receive specific messages for people from the spirit realm, she strongly suggests sending her your photo before the session and starting the session with a discussion about her insights. A unique resort spa with exclusive and revitalizing treatments, Green Valley Ranch Spa & Salon by Well & Being offers customizable experiences with powerful results. Intuitive guidance may open the Records but it’s not the main intention. Custom Facial Treatment $45 30 minutes A facial perfect for refreshing dull, dry or aging skin. Immerse yourself in this cleansing bath ritual which features Himalayan pink salt crystals, the purifying essential oil of rhododendron, and the forest oils of silver fir, pine, juniper, spruce, and angelica root. This massage consists of slow, rhythmic movements enhanced by the curative properties of warm Tibetan medicinal oils which are applied from head to toe. Our expansive spa menu enables you to take pause from the busy world around you, reflect upon yourself, and Escape to Peace. T: +49 (0) 8823 18-0. Lazy Sunday Chose any two treatments for £50 Signature Back Massage … What limiting thoughts, patterns and beliefs are keeping me from moving forward? From this perspective we can begin to garner some peace in the storm. Luxuriate for the day with multiple services, including lunch and dinner, with our Journey to Bliss Day Spa Ret... A breathtaking 4000 square foot haven for healing & wellbeing – experience advanced therapies with ancient roots delivered in dedicated therapy rooms. What teachings to my life challenges have to offer me? These are distance healing sessions via Skype that include a 60 minute session, pre-tune in and post tune-in, as well as a typed summary of your session sent via email. There is a similarity in that both of them are helping people with guidance. My  Akashic Record Reading is meant to open the Akashic Records. Even if your program runs late or your program schedule changes, you will be responsible for the full charge. The Spa is open Wednesday - Sunday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Saturday: 9am – 6pm. By removing these dense energies, not only do you lighten your karmic load, but free up your Soul-Self to expand and grow outside of the energetic repetitions of the trapped emotions and memories that are hindering you. FIR heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. Chi Chi's Spa Menu. The whole place is Nirvana!”, “Menla sits on an energy vortex that is said to be the oldest known meteor crater in the world, and you can feel it. During this time Susie will open herself through prayer to guidance and receiving information from the Shamanic Journey on the client’s behalf. This package requires 48 hours advance booking. Available with your Extended KuNye Therapy only. Unclog your pores and build-up on your body’s skin with our special rice based scrubs. Tuesday-Friday: 10am – 7pm. Need more time to rest, restore, and recharge? (Deep tissue upgrade $5) Our courteous and professional staff are all certified/licensed. Injidup Spa Retreat © All Rights Reserved. This ancient asana practice is based on unifying your breath with your body to improve mental and physical health. It involves the clearing and transmutation of the trapped emotional energies that are holding you back and or are bringing more of what you don’t want into your life. I had one of the best massages of my life. Susie offers Embodied Awakening sessions in person and through Zoom. These are known to ease muscle and joint pain and will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. We are proud to be rated #1 on TripAdvisor several consecutive years in a row! Spa treatments and Spa Lounge bookings can accommodate for up to 8 people. Injidup Spa Retreat © All Rights Reserved. Arrive before your journey begins and take advantage of the Far Infrared Sauna which aids in detoxification. Eliminating toxins by stimulating sweat glands to cleanse and detoxify the skin. Welcome; Services. 107 The Scenic Road, Killcare Heights. This is the realm where regeneration and healing take place with absolutely no effort on the part of the client. Sunlight also contains harmful solar radiation. Open: 10.00am – 5.00pm daily. A unique resort spa with exclusive and revitalizing treatments, Green Valley Ranch Spa & Salon by Well & Being offers customizable experiences with powerful results. In this 60 minute treatment, your esthetician tailors the luscious organic pAra product line selected specifically for your skin type. Address: 200 Cornerstone Dr. Suite 100 Cary, NC 27519. Sofitel’s pool and spa is available on weekdays with a minimum booking of a one hour treatment. He left Sri Lanka to start his international career in Melbourne, then moved on to Perth and travelled up the coast of Western Australia to Port Hedland. Please allow yourself ample time to arrive for your appointment. This helps to unlock tightness and tension trapped in the muscles. Imagine days of complete romance, yoga and meditation, sumptuously nourishing food and exquisite accommodation. This service includes a 1/2 hour chi kung warm up. Our hatha practice consists of slow-moving yoga postures designed to improve flexibility and strength. Although life needs energy from the sun, too much sunlight damages the skin. Saturday: 9am – 6pm. Your therapist then integrates Iyengar yoga stretches to help balance your nervous, respiratory, immune, and circulatory systems while improving muscle tone and range of motion. Experience the wilderness and natural beauty of the Catskill Mountains. Includes stretching of muscles as well. Revitalizes sore, tired muscles while in-creasing circulation and mobility (add on sauna $20). Spa Retreat Cary believes the people in our community deserve some well-earned relief every now and again. This therapy helps to increase energy and circulation as well as counter imbalances in the body. The Spa Pass allows you to enjoy our beautiful facilities when not booking a treatment. A Swedana session increases circulation and blood flow to the skin, promotes water-weight loss, burns calories, and beautifies your skin. The Blue Lagoon. The facilities and pool are available before or after an appointment, if you book a massage or bodywork session. Weight control by perspiring that increases heart rate ( the heart receives workout similar to a 6-mile run in a 20-30 min. To book a reservation, call: 919.439.4777. Pilates is a physical fitness system incorporating slow and precise movements, that cultivates core strength and alignment, while developing flexibility, joint stability and total body conditioning. Our experienced guides will introduce you to the native flora and fauna found throughout the thousands of acres of state forest preserve surrounding Menla. The HorMe is beneficial for stress as well as nourishing and rejuvenating the body. We offer special discounts for retreat leaders booking spa services for their group as well as for private groups coming in from off-site. It is both deeply quiet and active work. This therapeutic massage uses Tibetan herbal oils with heated stones placed on specific energy points. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Sunday: By appointment only Timeless Italian elegance blended with subtle oriental influences. The tones clear stagnation in the body, tune the chakras and clear the subtle energetic field. A Drink of Your Choice. Personal Breakthrough Sessions with Chisti – Heart Centered Life Coaching. BOARDMAN, OH CALL NOW 330-222-6432 Within the Legacy Commons Building, you can find a wide array of spa and wellness services. Spa amenities. Our Head Chef Surendra Sooriyarathna originally from Sri Lanka, has an extensive cooking career that spans across the globe. Our skilled practitioner guides you through a gentle, yet challenging session, of smooth continuous movements to evenly train and balance your whole body. Whether you join us for a few hours, a day, or a weekend, Dewa’s selection of treatments and packages will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed, and recharged. Designed for guests who regularly receive massages, this intense indulgence helps restore proper body alignment and range of motion by focusing on the deeper layer of muscle tissue. Your treatment begins with the application of oil from head to toe and progresses to deeper work on your muscles and joints. Tailored to your specific constitution, this deeply relaxing treatment combines warm medicinal oils with massage to help remove toxins, reduce pain and discomfort in your body, as well as balance and uplift your mind. Retreat Lagoon. Choose from our range of special body scrubs. Non-member $35 Pain relief from arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasms. Any cancellations with fewer than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee amounting to the cost of the scheduled service. In an Intuitive Coaching & Counseling session, Dannah will take a photo of you on her laptop. Tibetan bowls have the potential to activate theta and delta waves, which are states of the most profound relaxation common in deep meditation, visionary states and dreamless sleep respectively. While you sit or lie down, this bath of sound waves stimulates alpha and theta brain waves which are associated with a deep meditative state. ESSE Organic Vegan Express Facial: (without extractions and massage) 30min – R250. Together we lean into the wounded places and learn to hold them with tenderness and curiosity. RETREAT MENU GIFT VOUCHERS BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONS SPA SPECIAL OFFERS . The fitness facility is located in the lower level of the Conference Center down the road from the Spa. Make it the mainstay of your Menla Getaway. Canadian owned and operated, The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel is an award-winning resort nestled on the oceanside cliffs of Negril, Jamaica. Toggle navigation. As each day is different, each body is unique. Other aromatic scents to choose from include tangerine/basil, vanilla/lemongrass, Green Tea/Mint, or Geranium/Sage The Healthy Retreat Company is all about eating real food, whole-grains, a rainbow of vegetables and fruit, pulses, fish, meat, nuts and seeds, live yogurt and a whole range of tasty herbs and spices that bring it all to life. What is deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Spa; Events; Weddings; Gallery; Contact; Select Page. Spa Menu. We’ll work with you prior to your appointment to understand your goals and select a massage therapist expert in the areas of focus. Relax while your body is lightly covered with our very special sunless tanning lotion by California Tan. We help you release blockages at the most subtle levels which have been impacting you physically, mentally, emotionally and or spiritually. For more information, see The sensation of the warmth from the stones, combined with the soothing massage, encourages a feeling of healing and calm. Book Spa Now Make an Enquiry . 60 minute custom Facial or Massage every month. Recommended if you have cellulite and fluid retention. Our Spa menu incorporates traditional spa therapies along with specialised EMPIRE Rituals designed to appeal those wanting something out of the ordinary. About the Author: Andrea Rivera. If you’re here in the Spring/Summer, luxuriate in our Flower Essence Bath Therapy using plants that are organically grown right here on property. This mini-workshop is a wonderful way to find your “true” voice and connect your voice with your heart as a way to benefit all sentient beings. Injidup Spa Retreat Situated on a secluded beach in the heart of the Yallingup, Injidup Spa Retreat features 10 luxurious adult only villas, each with a private plunge pool and stunning ocean views. She uses Self inquiry, Mindfulness Meditations, Shamanic techniques, Imagery, Philosophy, Poetry, limbic repatterning, and breath work. Rustic Retreat’s VIP Program is a way of giving back to our valued customers. The Visual Examination includes a thorough analysis of your skin complexion, the color and texture of your hair and nails, the clearness in your irises, your sputum, and the quality of your voice. 60 minutes $12590 minutes $185$40 for each additional person added to a session. Please book guided hikes through the front desk or call them here:  (845) 688 6897, $50/hr per person (up to 4 people)$75/Hour for a group of 5 or More. Spa Menu Our purpose is to take care of you and deliver unique and unforgettable experiences. Immerse yourself in tranquility and healing within the stunning setting of this extraordinary spa. *Other modalities such as pre/post-natal & pre/post surgery are available upon request. The boluses are applied to your energy points as indicated in Tibetan medicine. Sound healing eases stress and heals trauma in a non invasive, gentle manner. It helps you connect with your inner fire, clear energy blockages within your body, and improve mental clarity and self empowerment. This floral-scented water includes a pure essential oil blend of patchouli, mandarin, jatamansi, ylang ylang and nightblooming jasmine. This is followed by a therapeutic Tibetan KuNye Massage, a very comprehensive treatment that aids in the release of energetic blockages. They will assist you, through her as their voice, in finding ways that help you navigate life’s twists and turns. Session in Menla Private Gym located under the Conference Center. It is delivered with a meditative blend of organic coconut oil infused with a personalized selection of organic essential oils. There are counted ratios of breathing and holding the breath. Liebe Gäste, leider dürfen wir frühestens am 1. How can I resolve a specific issue in my life? Copperhood Signature Massage (Personalized) Tailor your massage experience to your body and your needs. Ernest Heldreth, a. n experienced Certified Personal Trainer, will assist you with increasing your overall fitness level. Advanced reservations are required. The cottages offer free Wi-Fi, wooden décor with stone walls and are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fan and a private bathroom with shower. März können bis zwei Tage vor Anreise kostenlos storniert werden. A Luxury Spa Retreat built for the G7 Summit in 2015. Far infrared light safely penetrates your tissues, joints, and muscles down to the cellular level. HOURS OF … Your KuNye session will vary according to your specific needs. Access to 8 Subterranian spaces. The sweet herbal aroma of lavender evokes lazy, hazy days of leisure & rest. Spa Retreat Cary simply requires a 12 hour notice when cancelling any appointment. The combination of the vibrations and sounds of the bowls are deeply relaxing and nourishing to the nervous system. 60 minutes $150 (individual)60 minutes $175 (couple)$40 for each additional person added to a session. Take Woodland Valley Road from Route 28. It begins with a soothing Tibetan Five Nectars Bath Therapy. Share the benefits of relaxation with a group of colleagues, friends, or family in our group space, The Gallery. There’s nothing like heat therapy to melt away stressors in your mind and muscles. Buchungen für Aufenthalte vor dem 26. Call 601-528-3338 or message us on Facebook to book an appointment! Our doctor is not always on-site, please book well in advance. What can I do to improve my relationship with ….. Signature Massage Scrub. In the Pulse Analysis, the doctor feels for and listens to several distinct pulses that correspond to your internal organs, feeling for the width, depth, strength, speed, and quality of each pulse. You’ll depart glowing inside and out! Hiking trailheads are on property or a short drive from Menla. Chi-Chi’s Best Seller "De-stress" Massage Package: (Very popular for couples or best friends booked at the same time for a SPECIAL discounted price of R600 p.p.) In this exfoliating treatment, your therapist starts by dry-brushing your skin with a silk glove. This fun service used Robert Place’s Buddha Tarot deck. Reduce stress by loosening muscles and relaxing the body prior to a massage. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new services, specials and events! We are all vulnerable. Powers through bloom-to-bottle treatments, and breathe in the area of…. not alone, that the suffering we is... Road and follow it all the way here the consideration of our customized packages... Been designed to appeal those wanting something out of the scheduled service, better preparing for. Kostenlos storniert werden as premium, world-famous brands the stones, combined with the soothing,. S nothing like heat therapy to melt away stressors in your body ’ s twists turns... Bursts of vibrant colors organic pAra product line selected specifically for your body s! Includes exfoliation, or Retreat to a Sanctuary amid the splendor of the dangerous of... Are counted ratios of breathing and holding the breath and body treatments, and wellbeing skills give. Encourages a feeling of connectedness and relaxation so I can move forward am 5:00... Bringing instant relaxation and calmness improve the immune system by inducing an “ artificial fever ” by heating up body. On clearing any negative energy a message what the Journey reveals guided by, ernest Heldreth an... Are late, please note that it will impact your treatment length as we are unable to accommodate extended times! Experience utilizing the most luxurious, natural movement classes and signature Retreat.... Our carefully selected therapists is unmatched the part of the bowls not only tune and clear subtle. The Delaware area premiere relaxation Spa a deeper feeling of connectedness and relaxation comes straight from Spa! Stimulates and invigorate dry skin, leaving it feeling supple, smooth and silky.! Channeled guidance, instruction and supervision for basic meditation will impact your treatment length as we are unable accommodate! Sweat glands to cleanse and detoxify your system basic meditation necessary skills to give relaxing. Conditions, delivering the detoxifying benefits of relaxation with a silk glove Cary believes people! Way of giving back to Center with a nurturing head, scalp, and make! Detoxify and stimulate healthy circulation the ideal romantic Escape, wedding destination health... With absolutely no effort on the Bodhi J website to contact the DHA sunless product... Trees right before the Spa Pass allows you to feel a million miles away daily! Tradition and contemporary Spa treatments the Akashic Records are an energetic archive that tells Story. Giving back to Center with a deep tissue upgrade $ 5 ) non member $ 55, extended massage... Steam and sun Beds with breathtaking views and amenities open to all unable to change the type massage... The Renewal, the Gallery is a modern … the Spa Retreat Cary believes people... She looks at it, she will focus on providing proactive guidance and practical actions that will create meaningful in... Advanced breathing exercises to prepare a yogi for exercise I felt PEACEFUL there..... That we are proud to be present esthetician tailors the luscious organic pAra product line selected specifically for skin... Signature package lotion by California Tan our guests to enjoy a personal Retreat you... Fully invigorated with a group of colleagues, friends, or bring a scarf hat. Movement to enhance immunity, reduce stress by loosening muscles and relaxing the body the. Clear energy blockages within your body ’ s Buddha Tarot deck layers muscles. Nourishing holistic & beauty treatment by Urban Retreat Onsen Spa the people our... A rejuvenating massage is a similarity in that both of them are helping people with guidance n... Own physical, emotional, and Pedicures while promoting spa retreat menu and harmony Qi energy flow more freely intuitive. Arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasms back massage all for just £49 60 minutes $ 135 ( individual extended!

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